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2 oz Rest {Sleep & Muscle Relaxation} – Purity Natural Elements


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Rest  {Sleep & Muscle Relaxation} – Purity Natural Elements 2oz

SLEEP: Rest is a subtle sleep aid. If a person purchases this product expecting it to work like a sleeping pill, they will be disappointed. This ointment is designed to assist the body’s natural sleep cycle by inducing drowsiness in a soft and comforting way. The product’s effectiveness peaks 30 minutes after application but will continue to benefit sleep throughout the night. This product is perfect for struggling or sleep deprived children, parents, or those needing gentle assistance to fall asleep at night.

MUSCLE RELAXATION: Athletes, elderly individuals, or truck drivers are good examples of those who may commonly experience muscle aches due to muscle activity. Rest can be applied to sore or aching areas to reduce discomfort and provide increased mobility.


May be used for: Restless Children – Muscle and Back Aches – Tight Muscles – Sleep – Meditation

Application: For sleep, apply to the stomach (right above the belly button, about the size of an apple), bottom of the jaw, and bottom of the feet. Apply over tense muscles after physical activity to reduce aches and pains (calves, thighs, hamstrings, biceps, shoulders, lower back). Apply to the lower back and belly after sitting for long periods of time to reduce discomfort. Reapply as often as needed. External Use Only.

Warnings: Don’t use this ointment if planning to drive. If pregnant or nursing, ask a licensed health professional with extensive knowledge of herbs.

Ingredients: Fractionated Coconut Oil, Beeswax, Thyme, Fenugreek, Blue Vervain, Eucalyptus, Hydrangea Root, Vetiver Essential Oil, Vitamin E

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