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2 oz Balance {Mental Health Support} – Purity Natural Elements


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May be used for, but not limited to: Tantrums – Intense Emotions – Crippling Stress – Panic Attacks – Sadness – Nightmares – Overstimulation – Anxiety – Anger – Emotional Instability – This blend will not replace these feelings with happiness, but rather, it will help create a feeling of balance and emotionally grounding.

Application: Use the back of the fingernail to remove the ointment from the jar. Apply enough to completely cover the stomach (a two inch strip of skin right above the belly button). A pea sized amount of ointment is a good starting amount. If additional support is needed, apply the ointment to the back of the neck, wrists, or bottom of the feet. Reapply as needed; three hours is a common reapplication time frame on difficult days. A person does not need to apply the ointment to every area every time. Instead, try a few different areas until a person’s sensitive spot is discovered. External Use Only.

Ingredients: Coconut Oil, Beeswax, Elder Flower, Blue Vervain, Chamomile, Queen of the Meadow, Spearmint, Vitamin E

Warning: If pregnant or breastfeeding, consult a licensed medical professional with an extensive knowledge of herbs. – Our owners are grateful for modern medicine and the lifesaving care it provides. We recognize that there is a time and place for professional medical intervention. We want to be clear that we are not trying to advise on mental health related issues, and if a person is struggling with mental health challenges, we encourage seeking qualified assistance. Balance is not intended to treat life threatening situations. Outside of life-threatening situations, our company believes that support for a healthy mental state can come in many forms. Balance was designed to be a natural option for those seeking additional or occasional support.

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