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Yellow Mitra, Powder


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Yellow Kratom strain is the rarest type of mitra strain and highly sought after for its quality!


Calming effects

It is best known for its relaxing effect to and stress relieving effect it gives to the nerves; may render instant calmness to your bewildered mind and make you feel smooth during the chaos, the best remedy for your particular day. Thus aid the user to control and prevent stress and anxiety budding in mind.

Energy booster

Its energizing effects are the reason why people are advised to consume the dose every morning because it can provide the energy requirements to sustain a person for the whole day. It gives a quick boost of power that is helpful to a person on a heavy working day. It is an instant energy elevator.

Moderate simulation

It has a stimulatory property that is less potent than other strains. Usually, most users do prefer to get stimulation with overall well being, which feels great.

Mood lifting

Yellow mitra prevents harsh feelings from coming up abruptly. It works deep in o

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