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Witch Hazel Extract Oil [2 fl. oz.]


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Witch Hazel Extract is a clear, colorless distillate prepared from recently cut
and partially dried dormant twigs of Hamamelis virginiana Linné. Hamamelis
virginiana primarily contains polyphenols, including tannins, phenolic acids,
and flavonoids. Uses: It can be used as an ingredient in cosmetic and medicinal
preparations, and can be used to help soothe skin. It may be combined with
other ingredients or herbs, or is gentle enough to be used alone. Can be used
to help promote scalp and hair health. When mixed with water and sprayed, witch
hazel can also be used to help reduce or remove stale odors and pet odors in
the air, and on some surfaces. Witch hazel can also make an effective household
cleaner, either alone or combined with other solutions. Ingredients: Hamamelis
virginiana Linné (USP), containing natural oils and 14% alcohol. Warning: For
external use only.

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