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Tiger Eye Gemstone Bracelet [8mm beads]


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Tiger Eye Crystal/Gemstone Elastic Bracelet [8mm beads]

Tiger Eye is within the Quartz family. The light reflects off the fibers in this stone giving it an appearance that its moving or changing. Tiger Eye may assist in new beginnings, intuition, fears, worries, depression and negativity, wealth, strength, and courage. Please reference picture as an example of the product. All stones will vary based on its natural occurring shape, color and variation given by mother earth. Disclaimer: Crystal healing and other types of energy work are not to be considered as a substitute or a replacement for traditional medical treatment.If either you, or someone you know, has a serious health issue, you or they should consult their own doctor and/or other appropriate professional medical practitioner, and make complementary healing part of a complete health care program.

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