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SWS Herbs- Saw Palmetto Berry Extract Organic [2fl. oz]


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Saw Palmetto Berry Extract Organic

Saw palmetto is native to the Southeastern United States, more precisely in Florida and a few neighboring areas. This small species of palm typically grows prostrate, with the plants reaching a height of three to six feet, upwards of 15 feet when they grow upright. Saw palmettos have a prolific lifespan that can extend between 500 and 700 years. The trees thrive in sandy soil and produce bluish-black fruits throughout the summer and into October. When thoroughly ripe, they have a distinctively sweet aroma and a flavor that is noted as somewhat soapy and acrid.

Serenoa repens is a member of the Arecaceae family and is also known as sabal palm. The berries of the saw palmetto were traditionally employed as a food source and general tonic by the Native Americans in Florida. They were also consumed by the early American settlers to forestall starvation. Saw palmetto has many wellness benefits and supports healthy prostate functioning.*

Organic saw palmetto berries are macerated with alcohol at our extract facility in Eugene, Oregon to create excellent, quality liquid extract. This tincture is bitter and pungent in flavor and can be taken in water or juice. Saw palmetto extract pairs well with nettle root extract, eleuthero root extract, or burdock extract.

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