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Slimming Warrior Herbal Tea Blend [1 oz.]


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Slimming Warrior Tea is a tea that met a simple yet complicated goal: create a

weight loss tea of organic herbs with three ingredients or less that tasted

great. And that's how Organic Skinny Natural Tea was born and it does not

disappoint! With a smooth flavor and slightly sweet spicy kick, Skinny Natural

Tea is warming and delightfully refreshing. Three delicious herbal pillars of

weight loss are balanced on each other to give you the boost you need

throughout the day in a natural way. The perfect solution for the "New Me".

Here are the three pillars (the ONLY ingredients) and their benefits: Oolong

Tea: Studies have shown that oolong tea does a couple of things that aid in

weight loss. First, like all tea, oolong helps boost your metabolism to burn

more calories throughout the day. But what makes oolong unique is it has also

been shown to increase fat burning by 12%. That means that it tells your body

to specifically burn fat! Ginger Root: Ginger root will help you control how

much you eat by making you feel full faster. Also, like oolong tea, ginger root

helps your body specifically burn fat to lose weight as opposed to general

weight loss. Cinnamon Chips: As an appetite suppressor and a metabolism

booster, cinnamon is great for weight loss. But what makes it superior? Studies

have shown cinnamon specifically burns belly fat over other areas of the body!

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