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Red Mitra, Powder


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So what is red vein mitra?

Red vein mitra is derived from mitra trees. The leaves have reddish veins and midribs. The variation is caused by genetic and the locality where the leaves were harvested from. The varying environmental conditions such as temperature and weather makes the vein colors vary. Red Thai mitra contains more relaxing, sedative effect than the white and green strain. This makes the red mitra an excellent sleep aid for people with insomnia. The herb works perfectly as a relaxant because it doesn’t contain stimulating properties. The relaxing properties make the plant great for pain relief and also good at offering a mood-brightening effect. The products are like red Borneo, Red Maeng Da, and Red Sumatra and they have the same major effects. These strains have differences for examples Borneo variant is stronger and perfect for soothing aching muscles. On the other hand, Red Maeng Da has more calming properties, but it will not make users very drowsy.

The red vein mitra contains different st

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