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Red Clover Blossom [1oz]


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Red Clover Blossom C/S Organic

Four-leaf clovers are supposed to bring good luck, and the same holds true for red clover.

Red clover is a highly-prized herbal supplement due to its ability to alleviate symptoms associated with menopause. It can possibly increase bone density, and it may even reduce your risk of high cholesterol and  high blood pressure,both of which can lead to cardiovascular problems.

Red clover’s list of benefits doesn’t stop there. It contains several antioxidants that boost immunity and reduce inflammation. It also helps to soothe coughs and cold symptoms, as well as skin conditions such as eczema and psoriasis. This herb has been used through the ages to bring hormones into balance and keep mucus in check. Homemade remedies include crushing the flowers into an ointment; boiling them to use on skin injuries including burns, fungal infections and even for gout and diseases of the eye. A tea made from red clover flowers has been used to treat many illnesses, from measles to astmato whooping cough. Red clover contains a biologically identical natural source of estrogen along with several antioxidants. Besides helping to relieve symptoms associated with menopause, it may also help prevent diabetes and even cancer. 

Also, Red Clover Benefits include:

Reduces High Cholesterol

Lower Risk of Osteoporosis

Cancer Protection

Menopausal Relief

Soothes Inflamed Skin

Respiratory Infection Protection

Hair Health

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