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Petrified Wood


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Petrified Wood is one of the strongest grounding stones. Formed over millions of years, it is infused with the energy of Earth and can teach us calmness, wisdom and patience. It is very good to help one stay focused during meditation. It can also facilitate connection with ancestors or even past lives. Use Petrified Wood to take root like the trees from which it is formed.

Meaning & Energy

With Petrified Wood comes ancient knowledge and immense ancestral history. Through fossilization, an abundance of ancient earthen energy has been contained within; allowing for the proper practitioner to channel and direct this elestial energy. The vibrations that flow from this wooden amulet provide the essential nutrients for growth and rejuvenation while also unlocking a pathway to our past lives. Through past-life recall, we are able to learn from previous lessons and look towards old wounds to heal. Some scars carry over through physical lives as their wounds may appear eternal. Only through the relieving and release of this past trauma will you be able to free yourself emotionally and move forward. Deep meditation and third eye practices are just a few exercises you can practice to help identify these traumatic experiences. Visiting an experienced Reiki Master or Past Life Healer may be beneficial for you especially if you are experiencing deep blockages that you are unable to move past.

Naturistic Healing

We have found the energies that Petrified Wood emanate resonate at a much higher frequency when being channeled outside (especially during the hours of dawn or dusk). The sounds of living beings around you can be picked up and enhanced into total life force energy. Much like ancient civilizations, we can use sound and frequencies as a healer, releasing total control to the vibrational energy. Petrified Wood promotes an energetic cleanse and transfer of grounding energy to our physical bodies so that the Earth may heal us once more.

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