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Release {Pain & Inflammation} -Purity Natural Elements


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Release {Pain & Inflammation} -Purity Natural Elements 

Picture this: you and your child swing by the grocery store to grab some ice cream. While shopping, they trip and fall, hitting their head on the corner of a door. Almost immediately, their head begins to form a goose egg and a purple bruise. Typically, the swelling would increase over the next few hours, forming a noticeable bump and bruise that could last up to a month. All of this brings pain, discomfort, and tenderness for the child. Now imagine that as soon as you see the goose egg beginning to form, you reach into your purse, pull out your tin of Release and apply it to their forehead. Within an hour or two, the goose egg and bruise stop forming and the pain subsides. By the next morning, the injury looks significantly better, and within a couple of days, it’s barely noticeable.

Let’s consider another common situation. You’re preparing dinner. You don’t notice your 5 year old run up and reach for the pan on the stove. You hear a yelp. When you look down, your child’s fingers are red and blistered. You immediately reach for your tin of release and apply a liberal amount to the fingers and hand. Within a few minutes, the pain relieves, and by that night, the blistering and redness are significantly better. The burn is basically gone within a couple of days. Again, what is typically a week of healing and discomfort, is now taking 1 to 3 days on average.

Release was created to assist the body in healing injury related inflammation and pain; however, it is also designed to tackle the normal pain your body suffers from, to include arthritis in some cases, and menstrual cramps. What else on the market, besides typical pain killers, can relieve these common ailments?

Curious? Give us a try. We stand behind these claims with 6 years of happy customers and a 30 day money back guarantee.

May be used for, but isn’t limited to: Burn or Sunburn Pain – Menstrual Cramps – Muscle Injuries – Swelling – Bruising – Mastitis – Breastfeeding Pain – Sore Throat – Joint Aches – (This product will often provide minor relief from arthritis.)

Application: Apply enough ointment to cover the entire affected area. Apply to painful areas on the body to reduce inflammation and relieve pain. Apply to the lower abdomen to relieve menstrual cramps. Reapply as needed; consistency can create greater results. (Initially, reapplication every 3 hours is common.) For breastfeeding relief, apply the ointment immediately after breastfeeding. Be sure to clean the area before the next breastfeeding session. For best results (when using on a fresh injury), apply in a timely manner. It’s easier to prevent inflammation than to reverse what has already developed. External Use Only.

Warnings: Do not use while pregnant. Consult a licensed medical professional with extensive knowledge of herbs, if needed.

Ingredients: Castor Oil, Sweet Almond Oil, Beeswax, Juniper Berries, Gotu Kola, Peppermint Leaf, Orange Oil

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