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Oregon Grape Root Extract Wildcrafted [2fl oz]


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Oregon Grape Root Extract Wildcrafted

Native to western North America, Berberis aquafolium is known for its yellow roots, holly-like leaves, and tart, blueberries that resemble cluster grapes. Oregon grape is predominantly found in the Pacific Northwest, as the name suggests. Berberis is often known by its botanical synonym Mahonia and is a member of the Berberidaceae family. The leaves of this plant are dark green and prickly, turning orange and eventually brilliant red after a few years of aging. The berries are edible but not palatable, having a flavor so intense that herbalist Michael Moore likens it to sucking on a vitamin C tablet and aspirin, simultaneously.

The golden yellow root of Oregon grape takes its color from the active constituent berberine, which is considered responsible for the healthful properties of this botanical. Oregon grape is sometimes substituted for goldenseal, as the two herbs have similar constituent properties. It is traditionally used as a bitter tonic for its affinity for the digestive system.

Organic Oregon grape root is macerated with organic alcohol at our extract facility in Eugene, Oregon to create an outstanding liquid extract. Oregon grape root tincture has a bitter taste and can be taken on the tongue or in warm, still, or sparkling water. Oregon grape root extract pairs well with bitter and aromatic botanicals such as gentian root extract, burdock root extract, or chamomile extract. Try a little of this tincture in your next cup of happy tummy tea.

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