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Olive Leaf Organic [1 oz.]


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Olive Leaf (Olea europaea)
Latin Name: Olea europaea
Common Names: Olive Leaf
There are some medicinal herbs which have been present in the treatment of health problems for so long, that they are often overlooked. Olea europaea, or Olive Leaf, is one of these herbs. The Olive Leaf was once considered one of the best natural herbs to be taken during ancient times. Today its benefits are being rediscovered.

The Olive Leaf comes from a small, evergreen tree, which grows to about twenty feet or more in height. Native to Asia Minor and Syria, the Olive Leaf is cultivated in several Mediterranean countries, Chile, Peru and South Australia.

The benefits of Olive Leaf Cut and Sifted are recently emerging as a most promising and unique medicinal herb with multiple applications. Numerous scientific studies are currently being conducted to investigate the beneficial properties of the Olive Leaf herb.

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