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Freedom {Spine &Nerve Pain} – Purity Natural Elements


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Freedom {Spine &Nerve Pain} – Purity Natural Elements


Freedom relieves nerve pain with a 0% chance of failing a drug test. This product was created to help skilled trade workers manage their pain and is dedicated to our active duty and military veterans.

Pain relief can begin within seconds after applying, but may take a half hour to reach full potency. For faster relief, use immediately after showering when the skin pores are open.

May be used for, but not limited to the following: Degenerative Disc Disease Pain – Pinched Nerve Pain – Kidney Stone Pain- Bulging Disc Pain – Mastectomy Pain – Sciatic Pain – Other Nerve Pain – Sharp Shooting Pain (This product is not designed to help with nerve pain in the gut. Lanolin is too thick to absorb that deep.)

Application: Apply just enough ointment to cover painful areas. *Apply along the spine where the aggravated nerve attaches to the spinal cord. For best results, use immediately after showering. May be reapplied as needed. External Use Only. (Example # 1: Apply to the elbow and apply to the spinal area of the upper back and neck. Example # 2: Apply to the knee and apply along the spinal area of the lower back.)

Ingredients: Lanolin, Beeswax, Nettle, Oregon Grape Root, White Pine Bark, Ginger Root, Meadowsweet, Lime Essential Oil, Vitamin E

*If a person does not apply the ointment along the spine, there is a chance the pain will radiate up the nerve towards the spinal cord. This is because the pain receptors of the pinched nerve are attempting to send duress signals. For example, if I applied Freedom to nerve pain in my WRIST due to an injury (and I forgot to apply the ointment along my spine), I might experience nerve pain in my ELBOW a few minutes later. Essentially the ointment is calming the pain receptors in my wrist, but the signal is still being sent from my spine down my arm and therefore causing me to feel the pain at my elbow where the receptors have not been calmed. Typically a pinched nerve will relax after one to three applications, except in the case of chronically damaged nerves.


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