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Namaste w/ Rose Quartz Inlay Laser Etched Wood Round Incense Holder


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Namaste w/ Rose Quartz Inlay Laser Etched Wood Round Incense Holder
This wooden incense holder features exquisite laser etched details, including folded hands, the word Namaste, the Sanskrit symbol for Om, the lotus flower, and lovely filigree work. It also contains a Rose Quartz inlay.
Namaste is a Hindu customary, non-contact form of respectfully greeting and honoring the opposite person or group, used at any time of day. It can have the spiritual significance of negating or reducing one’s ego in the presence of another.
The lotus flower is a powerful symbol in many spiritual traditions. It speaks of the human journey towards enlightenment. The flower grows in the mud, finding its way upwards through the murky water to finally bloom in the light. Like the lotus in the mud, we first begin within our own confusion and, blocks. Through our spiritual practice we purify ourselves and enlightenment reveals itself.
Rose Quartz embodies the spirit of love of all kinds, including Divine love, romantic love, and healthy self-love. It promotes positive self-esteem.
This incense holder features a hole to accommodate stick incense as well as a metal recess for cone incense. It would make a beautiful addition to your home, meditation space, or altar.

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