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Lobelia Leaf Organic [1 oz.]


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The Lobelia inflata, or Lobelia Herb, is named after the botanist Matthias de

Lobel, and is an erect annual or biennial herb, growing one to two feet high.

The stalks of the lower leaves and flower are pale violet-blue in color and

tinted pale yellow within. Several species of the Lobelia inflata, or Lobelia

Herb, are grown throughout English gardens for the splendor of its flowers,

coming in every shade of scarlet, purple, and blue. Lobelia Herb is a yellowish

green, with an irritating odor. The taste of the herb is very similar to that

of tobacco, sharing almost identical burning and acrid qualities. Lobelia Herb

Powder has a greenish color, even though the seeds are brown, and is available

in the following forms: dried Lobelia Herb and Powder, Lobelia Herb liquid

extract and tinctures. Lobelia Herb is sometimes referred to as Indian tobacco,

and was commonly prescribed by early North American doctors for a variety of


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