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Lion’s Mane Powder


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Lion’s Mane Powder
Focus, Clarity, Neuro Plasticity, Mood, Inflammation


  • *Lion’s Mane Extract 1:1 fruiting body
  • *Lion’s Mane Extract 8:1 fruiting body

*certified organic ingredient

>30% beta-d-glucan  <5% starch

Zero grain. Zero filler. Zero preservatives.

60x 1,000mg servings. Serving size. 1tsp (1000mg)
1,000mg authentic lion’s mane fruiting body extract / serving.

Recommended Use: 100mg (1/2 tsp.) 1x-3x daily. Morning and/or afternoon. Best results if taken consistently. Scoop into coffee, tea, oatmeal, smoothie, yogurt, etc. You can make a Lion’s Mane milk by scooping 1 tsp into cup, adding 2 oz. hot water then topping off with your favorite milk. Keep it simple. Consistency at therapeutic serving size (1000mg-3000mg daily) is the most important factor in realizing results.¬†

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