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Lavender Loose Smudging Herbs


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Lavender Flower Buds

Soothing, Relaxing and Floral

Balances Chakras, Love, Peace, Protection,

Purify, Sleep, Happiness, Tranquility, Health

Contains: 0.25 oz. Lavender; 2 charcoal tablets; Smudging Guide & Grimoire (3 pages). For use in smudge pots, simmer pots, sachets, rituals as incense charcoal burning & more.

Hand-packaged in Albion, Idaho USA

Uses: Smudging Herbs, Metaphysical, Psychic, Meditation, Wicca, Bath and Body Products, Soap, Sachets

Directions: Keep in a dry, cool place. They can be stored in resealable packaging, or in a glass jar away from direct sunlight. Not for consumption. 

Source: France

Common Names: English lavender, common lavender, true lavender

Plant Family: Lamiaceae


This listing is for the stated item only. Props in the photographs are for aesthetic and informational purposes only and are not included. This item is made by nature and/or hand crafted. No two are ever alike. Photographs are representative of what you will receive, however the exact coloring and size of each will be different. You will not receive the exact item in the photo, however the item received will be extremely similar. 

Nothing in this listing should be taken as medical, financial, or legal advice. This listing is a curio item and is to be purchased and used with this intent. Please keep out of the reach of children and pets. Not indented for internal use. Do NOT ingest. Botanicals, Oils, Please research these herbs prior to use – especially if you have an existing medical condition, or are pregnant or nursing. I am NOT a medical professional and cannot give out medical advice. All information herein are personal opinions and should not be substituted for professional and medical advice. Herb, Crystals and energy healing should be used as a compliment to other therapies and not as a replacement for medical care by a licensed medical professional. 

Incense, candles, and herbs are fire hazards. These products may be used with the intention to burn them and distribute the smoke in an area. The smoke is not meant to be inhaled and this product is not designed to be consumed. These are strictly holistic aromatic products. Please observe proper safety precautions when using these products. 

All photographs are the legal intellectual property of Smidgeons & Smudges. In accordance with United States Copyright Law Smidgeons & Smudges has exclusive rights to all photographs used in this listing. Photographs may not be used without the express, written consent of Smidgeons & Smudges. 

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