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Lapis Lazuli & Flower of Life Charm Gemstone Bracelet


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Lapis Lazuli Gemstone Bracelet with Flower of Life Charm w/ Velvet Bag. This is a Gemstone bracelet, stretchable to fit every size. What is Lapis Lazuli? Lapis Lazuli is a beautiful celestial deep blue stone and considered as a semi-precious stone with its intense color display. It consists of deep blue lazurite, sparkly pyrite, cloudy white calcite, and other minerals.
It is considered to be a protection from psychic attacks, bringing deep peace, harmony, reveals inner truth, honesty, compassion, self – awareness, and self – expression. Because of its healing powers, Lapis lazuli is celebrated as being The Wisdom Stone. Having its classic type, it is being loved by the pharaohs from Egypt thousands of years back. Lapis Lazuli crystal welcomes most of the truth, wisdom, and spiritual wonder and makes it into your inner peace.

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