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Coconut Karimbu Musical Instrument


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Coconut Karimbu
The coconut Karibu is also known as a Kalimba Thumb Piano or Karimba. It is a musical instrument that is made using metal strings. It creates very subtle sounds that are believed to raise the vibrations of energy in your personal sacred space. You can use it as a meditation or in any ritual. The instrument is used in Bali and is made from a half coconut shell. It comes with seven strings made of metal and is created to play by simply using the thumb.
The 7 metal keys are mounted securely on a bridge made of metal. You can tune it to your own preference. There is one hole on top for purposes of amplification and also creates a fine resounding sound. It may look small but the sound it creates is very loud. It has been crafted with hand in Bali by skilled craftsmen. The sturdy built of the instrument produces a great sound. The small size ensures an easy hold in the hand and can be played without any difficulty by simply using the thumb. Offers a wood finish that is very natural. You can also paint the coconut karimbu to your own personal liking. You can play it right out of the box but can also be tuned to preferred pitch by loosening all the screws gently. Tuning can also be done by making all tines out for lower pitch and in for higher pitch. Tighten back the screws before playing. Tines can be positioned easily to give less or more room for them to make your playing experience more comfortable. Play the instrument by simply plucking the different keys while holding the coconut in your palms.
Product specifications:
• Made from half a coconut.
• Makes truly magical music.
• Design may vary slightly from picture.
• Solid wood in top of a smooth, strong shell of coconut gourd.

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