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Hibiscus Flower Whole Organic [1 oz.]


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Hibiscus flowers are well known to gardeners in Southern California and

Florida, where the colorful blooms adorn many gardens. These herbs come from a

member of the mallow family known as Hibiscus sabdariffa, or more commonly the

"rosemallow." The mallow family is a genus of tropical and sub-tropical plants

that includes cocoa, cotton and okra as well as other natural herbs from such

regions. Dried Hibiscus Flowers have many uses that include commercial,

culinary and medicinal. Commercially, these dried herbs are used in the

manufacture of paper. The organic herbs are also quite edible; fresh, cut

Hibiscus Flowers are eaten in salads, while the dried pedals are frequently

brewed in tea. In fact, in Mexico, Hibiscus Flower Tea served sweetened and

served over ice is a popular and refreshing beverage, which is known in that

country as agua de Jamaica, or "Jamaica water." The tart flavor is reminiscent

of mild cranberry juice; in Jamaica itself, Hibiscus Flowers are used to make

jam. In India (where whole Hibiscus Flowers are offered to the Hindu deities

Kali and Gonesha), a dried powder make from such organic herbs is made into a

paste and applied to the scalp. The tea made from the wild crafted herbs is

also drunk unsweetened. Although there are no known adverse effects from the

use of Hibiscus Flowers, be aware that any reported therapeutic effects have

not been scientifically proven.

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