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Green Mitra


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Green vein strains are those who have a green vein running through the leaf, with the addition of the area they were grown in. No matter what the strain, mitra gets its effects from a combination of different alkaloids. Alkaloids known to frequent green vein strains include




hydroxy corynanthidine


It’s the various blending of alkaloids such as these, which give each different strain their unique benefits. These benefits include:


Enhanced concentration

Stress and pain relief

Increased sense of alertness

Dosage recommendation

Basic Uses of Green Vein Mitra

Of the three mitra strains, red, white and green, it’s the green strain which users find produces the mildest and moderate effects. It’s one of the reasons many beginners try the green strains first. These strains are known for assisting people with chronic pain, enhancing their mood, focus, and concentration, as well as providing them with some much-needed energy.

They are prized by those who

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