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Goldenseal Leaf [1 oz.]


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Goldenseal Root

Botanical Name: Hydrastis canadensis

Common Names: Indian Plant, Yellow Paint Root, Jandice Root, Goldenroot,

Yellow Eye

Goldenseal Root, or Hydrastis Canadensis, is among those natural herbs that

are members of the buttercup family. Native to the northeastern woodland biome

of New England, Quebec, and the Maritime Provinces of Canada (hence the name

Hydrastis Canadensis), Goldenseal Root is thick and knotted, with a yellowish

color. It is a perennial plant that blooms in late May and early June, then

bears a single raspberry-like fruit in the summer before it dies back in late

September and October.

Warning: This product should not be used by pregnant or lactating women,

young children, and the immunocompromised. This product is not to be applied on

open wounds.

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