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Goji Berries


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Goji Berries (Goji Berry). Latin Name: Lycium chinenis. Common Names: Goji

Berry, Lycii Berries. Goji berry, or Lycium chinenis, is an edible berry grown

in China. Records show the Goji Berries have been used in Chinese herbal

medicine and for culinary purposes since 100 A.D. The pleasant-tasting Goji

berry, sometimes called Lycii Berry, is thought by some to have antipyretic and

alternative properties. The Lycium Berry has an exceptionally dense

concentration of complex carbohydrates. Its antioxidant carotenoids and

flavonoids protect from free-radical damage. Carotenoids, especially beta

carotene, a vitamin A precursor, also are important to eye health. Organic Goji

Berry is sometimes used in a cooling tonic. Whole Organic Goji Berries are

still one of the most popular tonics in Chinese herbal medicine today.

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