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Galangal Root  Powder [1 oz.]


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Galangal Root  Powder [1 oz.]

Botanical Name: Alpinia officinarum (slices), Alpinia galanga (C/S and root). Common Names: Galanga, Gargaut, Colic Root. Galangal Root: Although sold with and classified with herbs, Galangal Root is actually a rhizome – a type of stem that grows underground and often sends out roots of its own. Ginger, which is related to Galangal, is another example. While Ginger and Galangal Root may be members of the same botanical family, they taste nothing alike. Commonly used in the cuisines of Southeast Asia, Galangal has an exotic flavor unlike anything else. It is described as peppery with overtones of pine and a hint of citrus. Dried Galangal Root is crushed into powder and used to flavor redang, the spicy Indonesian beef-and-poultry stew; C/S Galangal Root is mashed up into Thai curry pastes. The fruit of Alpina galanga is also used in Russia for the manufacture of a liqueur known as nastoika.

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