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Focused Warrior Organic Functional Herbal Tea Blend [1 oz.]


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Focus in with this light yet complex blend of black tea and herbs. Our organic study time tea is aromatic with forward notes of rosemary and thyme, it inspires focus and mental clarity while providing the calm stimulation needed to accomplish your tasks.

Rosemary was once used by students in Greece to maintain focus in schools; this herb has a long history of being used to promote concentration, memory, and a level energy. Peppermint has also been historically used to clear the mind from tension and promote a focused state of being. The combination of these herbs with black tea brews just the right amount of stimulation and balance. 

Contains caffeine

Aroma and Flavor The aroma of this tea is very herbaceous with strong notes of rosemary and thyme, and subtle undertones of sweetness. It has a light flavor that is reminiscent of its rosemary heavy aroma with a gentle nudge of peppermint.

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