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Fo-Ti Root Organic Herbal Tincture/Extract


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Fo-Ti Root Organic Herbal Tincture/Extract

2 fl. oz | 29mL

Fo-ti is referred to as ho shou wu in TCM where it has a long history of use for its healthful qualities. Ho shou wu translates to “Mr. He’s Black Hair”, a legend referring to an aging man whose fertility, youthful vigor, and hair color were restored after taking the root. Revered for thousands of years in TCM, fo-ti was employed to energetically nourish the heart and calm the spirit as well as in cases concerning “aging”. The root was also used in TCM to nourish the blood, liver, and kidneys, and to support qi.

A literal translation of fo-ti into English means “vine to pass through the night”. With a distinctive sweet yet bitter taste, fo-ti was thought to unblock the channels of energy through the body. Our fo-ti root extract can be taken on its own or blended into personalized formulations. It combines well with Forest Grown American ginseng extract or eleuthero extract. Additionally, try adding to vita-blend tea or blossoms of health tea for an extra botanical boost.

Organic alcohol, water, and dried organic fo-ti root.

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