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Yooperlite (Flame Stone) Crystal/Gemstone Tumble Stone


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Yooperlite (Flame Stone) Crystal/Gemstone Tumble Stone

Yooperlite – also known as Flame Stone is an amazing stone due to how it fluoresces when under a UV light! Absolutely beautiful! Flame Stone can be used to stimulate the Throat Chakra and illuminate or clarify one’s deep and essential truth. It can also aid in shining a light on one’s inner journey, promoting intuition and introspection.

Yooperlite is connected to the Throat Chakra, and the Elements of Water.

This stone is NOT water safe.

Yooperlite is the trade name for Syenite stones that contain fluorescent Sodalite. This crystal was just found in 2017, when Erik Rintamaki discovered these special stones glow when shone with a UV light. This unassuming stone glows with not only light, but also powerful serene energy. It fills you with confidence and personal strength, allowing you to face your troubles with a brave face and calm heart. Yooperlite resonates with the Throat Chakra, so it is no wonder that it is also called the Stone of Truth or the Stone of Expression. It gives you the personal power to clearly articulate yourself, your thoughts, and your dreams. Like most Throat Chakra stones, Yooperlite resonates with the calming element of Water, but it also resonates with the element of Fire which is where it gets its energy of confidence. Some believe that Yooperlite can be especially beneficial to those born under the zodiac of Sagittarius.

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