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Eucalyptus Leaf [1 oz.]


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If your parents treated your cold with Vick's Vaporub when you were a child,

you know the powerful and pungent scent of Eucalyptus Leaf, which also goes by

the scientific name Eucalyptus globulus and colloquially as the "blue gum

tree." Although all species of Eucalyptus are native to Australia, not all have

been successfully cultivated outside of that country or have been equal

usefulness as medicinal herbs; Eucalyptus globulus however is the most widely

cultivated species outside of Australia, and virtually all dried Eucalyptus

Leaf comes from this species. (It has in fact become an invasive species in

California.) Eucalyptus Leaf is just that, the leaf of a tree rather than an

herb in the technical sense, but traditionally, people of Asia, Australia and

Oceania have found it no less useful. Fresh c/s Eucalyptus leaf is steamed in

order to extract the essential oil; the strong scent of the oil extracted from

this natural herb is claimed to be therapeutic and is pleasing to some.

However, it is not pleasing to insect pests.

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