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Elder Berries. Sambucus nigra, the name of the plant that produces Elderberries,

is a large deciduous shrub that bears dark black berries. Sambucus nigra hails

from Europe, and also originates from southwest Asia and northwest Africa. Our

producer in Croatia keeps us well supplied with Elderberries. Other common

names for Sambucus nigra include Black Elder, European Elder, Common Elder,

Black-berried European Elder, boor tree and German Elder. The plant produces

flowers in the summer, and the fruit comes on in the late fall months of the

year. The small dark berries hang in clusters off the large shrub, and are

attractive to birds who flock to the plants for late season food. What are the

benefits of elderberries? The Benefits of Elderberry. Elderberry has long been

used as an herbal remedy for colds, flu, and sinus infections. Preliminary

studies suggest that elderberry extract may offer virus-fighting,

immune-stimulating, and anti-inflammatory effects.

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