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Dong Quai Root Cut & Sifted Organic [1oz]


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Dong Quai Root Cut & Sifted Organic [1oz]

Dong Quai Root (Angelica sinensis) Latin Name: Angelica sinensis Common Names: Dong Quai Root Dong Quai Root, which goes by the Latin name of Angelica sinensis, is a perennial plant that reaches about three feet tall. This herb grows in moist soil and is native to China’s northwestern and western regions. Dong Quai Root, which is also referred to as Female Ginseng, is normally harvested in the fall at which time the herb is dried. In the Chinese medical tradition, Dong Quai Root has been commonly used as a medicinal herb. In Chinese medicine, bulk Dong Quai Root is commonly used in women’s health formulas in conjunction with other herbs. These dried herbs are commonly used for their carminative properties as well. It is advised that Dong Quai Root not be used if you are pregnant.

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