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Devil’s Claw Organic Herbal Tincture/Extract


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Devils Claw Organic Herbal Tincture/Extract

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Devil’s claw gets its name from the thorny hooks that stick out from the plant’s fruits. These hooks are the inner capsules of the fruit which split open on one end creating the appearance of two curved horns or claws and can be painful for the unsuspecting passerby who accidentally steps on one. A low-growing plant, it is the tuber of devil’s claw that is used in herbal medicine. Despite its scary common name, the roots have a long history of use in traditional herbalism for their healthful qualities.

Harpagophytum procumbens is native to eastern and southern Africa where it grows well in grasslands and sandy soils. Devil’s claw thrives in arid conditions and tends to crop up along roadsides and areas that have been cleared of other plants. This perennial plant is a member of the sesame family.

Traditionally, devil’s claw root was used by southern African tribes as a tonic herb, for digestive complaints, minor joint complaints, and externally for topical needs. The herb was introduced to Europe in the beginning of the 20th century and has become a well-used botanical in traditional European herbalism ever since. Devil’s claw is commonly used to soothe occasional aches and pains and to promote normal musculoskeletal functioning. Typical preparations of devil’s claw include as a tea, extract, or topical formulation.

Our devil’s claw tincture is expertly crafted by our extract team using organic dried root and organic grain alcohol. Devil’s claw is bitter in flavor and can be taken in water or fruit juice or even herbal tea, such as turmeric ginger tea. Additionally, devil’s claw extract can be combined with synergistic herbs such as ginger extract, turmeric extract, white willow extract, or valerian root extract.

Organic alcohol, water, and dried organic devil’s claw root.

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