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Klip Dagga (Lion’s Tail) [1 oz.]


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Wild dagga (leonotis leonurus), also known as Lion’s tail, is closely related to Klip dagga (leonotis nepetifolia). Both are similar in that they have gorgeous bright orange flower clusters and are used similarly as medicinals for things like stress relief, fever and cough. Wild dagga is one of several herbs traditionally used by the Xhosa tribe of South Africa. Its active constituent is called leonurine. Wild Dagga is one of the best herbs for relaxation.

In addition to our whole wild dagga flower tops, we offer this product, which contains just the orange flower petals. Wild dagga pure petals are considered the most essential part of the plant. They are extremely laborious to collect. We also offer various other klip dagga and wild dagga products and extracts including klip dagga pure orange petals. Wild dagga petals are harder to find. Although the look similar, wild dagga petals are somewhat lighter in color. The distinction may be hard to tell unless compared side-by-side, and even then, it can be hard to tell. Wild dagga pure petals also have a more piney or skunky scent, whereas klip dagga petals are sweeter.

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