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Body Salve Lavender {Roots Apothercary}


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Body Salve Lavender

4oz size

Nourish & Moisturize. Repair & Protect.

  • Dry & Compromised Skin (eczema, psoriasis, dermatitis, cracked, etc.)^
  • Full Spectrum Lipid Profile (short, medium & long chain fatty acids)
  • Restore Lipid Barrier Function^
  • Replenish Nutrients^
  • Polyphenols, Polysterols, Antioxidants, Vitamins E & C

zero detergents or surfactant ~ zero fragrances ~ zero added color ~ zero preservatives ~ zero irritants ~ zero synthetic ingredients ~ zero water formula

The Good Stuff:

*Extra Virgin Olive Oil
*FT Extra Virgin Shea Butter
*Bees Wax.
*Extra Virgin Hemp Seed Oil
*Extra Virgin Avocado Oil
*FT Extra Virgin Organic Coconut Oil
*Golden Jojoba Oil
*Essential Oil
Vitamin E
*Certified Organic / FT= Certified Fair Trade


Who Should Use It.

extra dry skin – itchy skin – eczema – psoriasis – dermatitis

Formulated with organic, unrefined plant oils that provide the skin with tools and nutrition to repair, strengthen and protect itself. since we don’t use water or synthetics in our formula, the body salve does not irritate already irritated skin.

Compromised skin is especially sensitive to synthetic and barrier disrupting ingredients. the focus should be addressing inflammation, replenishing nutrients and rebuilding the lipid barrier. that’s exactly what we formulate for. 

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