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Bismuth Man Made Gemstone


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Bismuth  Man Made Gemstone

Bismuth is believed to be a stone of calmness, vitality, orderliness, and relationship cohesiveness. It is thought to lessen fever and reduce catatonic states.

Bismuth creates a solid and cohesive environment for understanding more advanced principles of magick and understanding one’s place in the universe. It is a gemstone that provides focus, clarity, and connection with your spiritual self, allowing for revelations and power. Bismuth promotes positive self-image and will help you to understand yourself and your many, unique layers. It is a great stone to work with if you need to resolve differences between you and those you love, as it promotes happiness, solidarity, and connection with others. Bismuth gives the confidence and endurance to go after greater dreams in your life, inspiring you to aim high. You will find this gemstone provides a unique outlook for life and helps you to stay on task, focused, and decisive when it comes to fulfilling your goals.

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