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Birch Bark [1oz]


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Birch is a natural pain reliever containing salicylate, the compound found in
aspirin. Salicylate relieves the inflammation and pain associated with
osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, gout and generalized muscle pain
Salicylate deters the body’s production of certain prostaglandins that are
linked to inflammation, pain, and fever among other things. Another reason
birch calms arthritis and gout is it’s cleansing diuretic action that
eliminates toxins and excess water. Sweet birch can have good results against
cellulite. The antibacterial and anti-inflammatory actions of birch bark
support it’s traditional uses in skin disorders such as eczema. Traditional
healers have long considered the leaves of the white and silver birch effective
for skin rashes and hair loss. The essential oil of birch is astringent and is
mainly employed for its curative effects in skin affections, especially eczema.
2The American species Betula lenta, (Sweet Birch, Cherry Birch) oil is almost
identical with Wintergreen oil, but is not as toxic. Still, the methyl
salicylate it contains can have harmful effects if used unwisely, and it is not
for general use in aromatherapy and never to be taken internally. Birch bark
and leaf in whole herb form have a much lower toxicity.

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