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Anise Seed [1 oz.]


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Anise Seed

Similar to fennel, anise is a member of the Apiaceae family and is native to the Mediterranean. Ancient Romans are thought to have served cakes made with anise after meals to aid in digestion.* Anise powder is still a sweet addition to cakes, cookies, soups, and herbal syrups. It’s also a key ingredient in licorice candy and Italian Pizzelle cookies.    

You can use Anise Seeds in sweet or savory dishes. The licorice flavor imparted by these seeds makes a wonderful addition to cookies, fruit pies, biscotti, and even a sweet fruit-laden tapenade. Savory dishes that can benefit from the addition of this seed include marinades used for barbecuing chicken or soaking pork loin chops, vegetables that are roasted, and even macaroni and cheese that utilizes spicy sausage as one of the ingredients. Curry dishes that feature lamb can also be further spiced up with the addition of this aromatic seed.

Common Names

Aniseed, Sweet Cumin

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