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Amethyst w/Buddha Head Charm Bracelet


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Amethyst Bracelet with Buddha Bead w/ Velvet Bag. This is a Gemstone bracelet,
stretchable to fit every size. What is Amethyst good for? Amethyst is good for
many healing energies. Here are a few of the metaphysical properties of
Amethyst that healers have benefited from over the years: Amethyst is known as
the Stone of Spirituality. Use it for spiritual growth. Amethyst is the
“all-healer” – great for people, animals, plants, other crystals, and distant
healing. Amethyst is used to ease addictions. Use Amethyst at the Crown and
Third Eye chakras to access intuition and spiritual connections to higher
forces. It clears the mind for spiritual understanding. Amethyst is a very
popular meditation stone due to its high vibrations and connection to the upper
chakras. It accelerates psychic abilities, clairvoyance, and clairaudience.
Charge Amethyst in the moonlight for psychic energy healing. Ametrine’s
combination of purple and yellow is ideal for strengthening the nerves,
balancing anxiety, fear, and nervousness. It cuts through the irrelevant
chatter in your head to reveal actionable solutions to your obstacles. Use
Ametrine to balance the Crown and Solar Plexus chakras.

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