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Aleppo Chili Flakes [1 oz.]


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The Aleppo pepper originates from Northern Syria’s Aleppo city and is popular in the Mediterranean region, which includes Greece, Lebanon, and Turkey. It boasts rich red color and an earthy flavor with a mild heat level, which makes it the perfect substitute for hotter cayenne pepper or crushed red pepper if your heat tolerance is a bit lower. Using it in recipes adds a flavorful depth without an overbearing spiciness.

For those looking to shed pounds, healthy dishes enhanced with spices like crushed Aleppo pepper can help boost your weight loss efforts. Aleppo peppers are packed with fiber, which helps make you feel fuller faster. They also have alkaloids that stimulate digestion. And, they’re known to temporarily boost metabolism.

Aleppo pepper offers other health benefits, too:

High in Vitamins A and C, folic acid, potassium, and manganese
Boosts immunity
Powerful antioxidant that helps to keep your heart and body tissues healthy and reduces heart attack risk
Acts as an expectorant for asthmatic or cough conditions, relieves nasal congestion and dilates airways in lungs
Reduces inflammation related to asthma, arthritis and nerve disorders
Clinically proven to help control body sugar in diabetics
Stimulates release of pain killing and stress soothing endorphins
Helps to detoxify your body and may help prevent cancers

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