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Akuamma Seeds [1 oz.]


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The demand for herbal medication has been on the rise over the last few years.

One of the most common plants is akuamma, also commonly referred to as

Picralima Nitida. This herb has been widely applied in folk medicine, thanks to

its mixture of alkaloids that have antipyretic and anti-inflammatory effects

among other health benefits of akuamma. Seeds, leaves and stem barks of this

plant have been used in traditional medicine for a long time, mainly in western

Africa countries like Ghana, Nigeria and Ivory Coast. The herb’s extracts are

then used to help get relief from various conditions, including malaria,

fevers, gastrointestinal disorders, and jaundice among others. The main

alkaloids making the plant highly potent and effective include; Akuammidine-

this is the seeds’ main alkaloid and works by influencing opioid binding sites.

The alkaloid provides analgesic qualities to help in eradicating pain as well

as serving as a muscle relaxant. Akuammine- this alkaloid has a higher affinity

for mu-opioid binding sites, unlike the Akuammidine. It helps with providing

analgesic effects, however, may cause an inhibitory impact on the peristaltic

movement of the intestines if used in higher doses. Akuammicine- this alkaloid,

on the other hand, has a higher affinity for kappa-opioid binding sites.

Pseudo-Akuammigine- this alkaloid provides both anti-inflammatory and analgesic

effects. Depending on the dosage, the alkaloid excites, modulates the skeletal

muscle contraction, smooth muscle contraction, central nervous system, and

respiration. Akuammigine- this one has only shown to have an anti-adrenergic

effect on blood vessels as well as the heart. Pericine- this one has been

indicated to bind to mu-opioid receptors, however, may cause convulsions

resulting in involuntary contraction of muscles. Akuamma is today considered as

a better alternative to other harsh substances as it guarantees holistic pain

relief. This has further prompted extensive me…

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