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Agni Manitite Tumbled Gemstone


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Agni Manitite Tumble Gemstone

This stone found in Indonesia was formed by hot lava from a volcano being shot into the atmosphere. Use Agni Manitite to spark creativity, increase energy and feel divinely empowered. It will also ground, protect and assist in spiritual awakening.

Grounding, Empowerment, Creativity, Energizing, Protection, Concentration, Manifestation
Agni Manitite brings creative and adventurous energies to great heights. It increases confidence in your own abilities and makes you more aware of your own will. A protective and grounding stone that creates a barrier around you to allow you to stride forward with confidence.  Agni Manitite raises your imagination and daringness to new heights. It promotes social interaction, positivity, and inner power as well. It activates your creativity and stimulates manifestation of what truly makes you happy and pleased. Use this stone to feel empowered at work. It is said to awaken spiritual transformation, stimulate kundalini energy, and increase your imagination and daringness.

Agni Mani lights a fire in your belly. It gives you confidence in yourself and your capabilities, and the free will to choose your interests whilst being consciously aware of your emotional state. This will direct your personal will, to that which truly brings you joy and happiness.

Chakra: Solar Plexus 
Zodiac: Gemini
Element: Earth, Fire
Also known as: Stone of Divine Fire, Pearl of Fire, Chintamani Stone


  • I achieve all my desires in alignment with the highest good.
  • With fire in my belly, I can achieve anything I desire.
  • I free myself of procrastination and make the changes which will bring me true happiness.

Lithotherapy – Crystal/Gemstone Healing & Therapy
Lithotherapy is the practice of using crystals and stones as a method of healing therapy. Evidence of the use of stones to heal can be traced as far back as Ancient Greece and Rome. Please note that lithotherapy is not a substitute for medical treatment or expertise.

Mind: Agni Manitite helps direct personal will to that which truly brings happiness and joy. This results in better thinking, strength, and positivity that spreads to the physical level. It can help one overcome the feelings of victimization and helplessness.

Body: Agni Manitite supports the brain and nervous system. It can help to clarify foggy thinking and may be useful in dispelling migraines. Assists with digestion and stomach issues, depression, stress and anxiety.

: Agni Manitite is a stone of awakening. It brings the light of self-awareness into the unconscious and helps to unite the everyday self with the deep self.

Agni Manitite combines synergistically with Moldavite, Tibetan Tektite, Libyan Gold Tektite, Anandalite and all varieties of Azeztulite. It links powerfully with Phenacite and/or Natrolite for facilitating visionary experience.

Care & Cleansing

  • Rinse the stone in unsalted distilled water for a short time before using a soft cloth to gently dry the stone.
  • Purify the stone using fumigation, by placing it in purifying herbal smoke for a few minutes.


  • Recharge the natural stone with sunlight for a few hours,
  • Bury in the ground for a full day to recharge it, then rinse it to remove any remaining dirt,
  • Place a cluster of quartz next to it to recharge.


Historically Speaking
The history of Agni Manitite traces back to its discovery in Indonesia. The origins and formation process of this unique pseudo tektite are not linked to a meteor collision, but it has gained recognition for its remarkable properties. In all probability, these stones were created during gigantic volcanic eruptions in which Magma was shot into the atmosphere. Here the material solidified into volcanic glass and rained down afterwards. This stone may therefore be classified under the obsidian and can best be compared with other pseudo tektites such as the saffordite and colombianite.

Scientifically Speaking
At first sight the Agni Manitite looks dark charcoal grey-black to a smoky translucent color.  However, it lights up grey to brown when a light is placed behind it. The name comes from Sanskrit where ‘angi mani’ means ‘pearl of fire’. An appropriate name given the history of its creation.


Although it is an ancient form of volcanic glass (Obsidian), its appearance is quite different to the shiny, glossy forms of Obsidian we are used to seeing.

Mohs Hardness Scale: 5.5 – 6.0
Crystal System: Amorphous
Luster: Vitreous, Dull

All information about metaphysical properties is for reference only. It is a combination of research on how crystals/gemstones have been used by different cultures today and throughout history, and our own personal experience. We do not recommend using crystals as a substitute for conventional medical or psychological treatment and do not claim they cure or heal medical conditions. Please always listen to the advice of your medical professional and only use crystals as a complementary therapy in addition to professional medical treatment.

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